FAQs about ECOSE® Technology

FAQs about ECOSE® Technology

About ECOSE® Technology

Did Knauf invent this technology?

Yes. The technology was developed by Knauf for Glass and Rock Mineral Wool products in order to improve environmental compatibility without compromising thermal, acoustical or fire protection performance characteristics.

What does the name ECOSE® stand for?

The name embodies the ecological and sustainable components of the binding agent technology. The abbreviation (ECOlogical, Sustainable, Environmental) highlights the ecological, sustainable and environmentally-friendly importance of this scientific breakthrough.

Is there a medical categorisation regarding the safety of this product?

We subject all of our products to extensive health and safety tests. A material and safety data sheet has been produced for Mineral Wool with ECOSE® Technology and of course all of the fundamental quality certificates such as EUCEB and RAL remain valid.

Why is Mineral Wool with ECOSE® binding agent technology so sustainable?

A binding agent with ECOSE® Technology means:

  • It is primarily obtained from rapidly renewable, organically-based materials and not from petroleum-based chemicals
  • No addition of formaldehydes, phenols, acrylics or artificial colours

The mineral fibres are made of silicates, natural rocks and other abundant resources. In addition, Knauf Insulation products contain recycled materials to reduce the use of primary raw materials.

What does "primarily obtained from rapidly renewable organically-based materials" mean?

These are components which mainly originate from natural sources and are used for ECOSE® Technology in order to replace the non-renewable, petroleum-based chemicals which are used in conventional binding agents for insulation materials.

Advantages for planners and users

What advantages does ECOSE® Technology offer for users?

Effects on indoor air quality

  • Winner of the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold award
  • Reduction of emissions during installation


  • Easy to cut
  • Low odour
  • Accurate fit
  • Easy to handle
Fulfilment of technical requirements

Product characteristics fulfil or exceed the requirements according to CE, AGI 132, ENEV and MED.

Professional range of products

Our products offer high thermal, mechanical and fire protection performance.

What advantages does ECOSE® Technology offer for planners?
Effects on indoor air quality
  • Winner of the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold award
  • Demonstrable compliance with all relevant statutory and voluntary European quality standards for product emissions
Sustainable product solutions
  • Compliance with the relevant ecological evaluation programmes for building performance, (e.g. BREEAM, LEED, HQE, DGNB)
  • Fulfilment of environmental standards according to ISO 14000 certification
  • High thermal, mechanical and fire protection characteristics
  • CE-labelling ensures fulfilment in accordance with EU law (CPR 305-2011)
  • Non-combustible / A1
  • Fibre melting point > 1,000°C
  • High production and product standards according to ISO 9000 certification

Product properties

What does "INDOOR AIR COMFORT GOLD" from Eurofins stand for?

The Eurofins certification Indoor Air Comfort Gold combines statutory and voluntary product requirements in a single seal of quality, so that suppliers and customers have a comprehensive overview of the performance of the product with regard to indoor air quality.

Eurofins Scientific is the international leader for analysis of pharmaceutical, food and environmental products. The company is also a world market leader in the field of agricultural science, genomics, pharmacological discovery and central laboratory services.

Does ECOSE® Technology have any effect on the physical performance of the products and their certifications?

All changes which we make to our products are made with the aim of maintaining or improving product performance. We take care that all of the relevant certifications are maintained and that the appropriate information is updated in the documentation. With constantly good thermal, acoustical and fire protection characteristics, there is also the additional aspect of sustainability.

Why do products with ECOSE® Technology look different?

The colour change is due to the natural reaction of the binding agent during curing. No dyes or pigments are added to the products.

Does the colour of Mineral Wool with ECOSE® Technology fade in the course of time?

All Mineral Wool products which are exposed to direct sunlight change colour over the course of time. The intensity of the change depends on the original colour. The relatively intensive brown of Mineral Wool with ECOSE® Technology changes to a lighter brown.

Does the fading of the colour have an effect on the performance of the product?

No. Knauf Insulation has carried out numerous tests which show that the fading of the colour does not have an effect on the performance of products which are produced with ECOSE® Technology. The change to ECOSE® Technology does not have any negative effect on the mechanical, thermal or sound insulation characteristics of the products or on any other performance parameters.

Sales information

Has the change to ECOSE® Technology any effect on the previous ordering procedure?

No, the material numbers remain the same. The ordering procedure does not need to be changed.

After the launch of the new product range with ECOSE® Technology, can I still obtain the conventional products?

After the launch of product groups with ECOSE® Technology we will continue to sell our stocks of conventional products during a transitional phase. Once there are no longer any stocks of these products, we will only supply product groups using ECOSE® Technology. You should therefore take into account that you may continue to receive Mineral Wool products on the basis of the familiar binding agent technology, which may be combined in your order with products using ECOSE® Technology during a certain transitional period.

What advantages does the use of ECOSE® binding agent technology have in HVAC applications?

With the use of ECOSE® binding agent technology we underline our efforts for sustainability. This includes health, safety and the environment.

From our 6 years’ experience with ECOSE® Technology at Knauf Insulation for products for the construction industry (e.g. roof insulation) we know that installers greatly appreciate the pleasant handling of the material.

What advantages result from the conversion to ECOSE® Technology?

With regard to the general trend and rising demand for sustainable components for use in public buildings (e.g. BREEAM) we can now offer products which cater for these sustainability requirements.