Fire protection

Fire protection

Mineral Wool for greater safety

Passive fire protection can save lives

Optimally equipped with Fire-teK®

Fire can quickly become life-threatening.

Regulations for the passive fire protection of buildings are intended to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gases as much as possible.

Our Mineral Wool Fire-teK® products are non-combustible by nature and heat resistant up to temperatures of 1000 °C, and are therefore ideally suited for use in preventative fire protection.


Fire-teK® on circular ducts

Wired Mats

Fire-teK® on rectangular ducts

Fire protection boards


Fire protection boards, pipe sections and cord

Evacuation in case of a fire

The evacuation of the building’s occupants has to be performed before the flashover, allowing a safety margin to ensure their protection.

fire protection
Fire protection
Reaction to fire vs. fire resistance

When it comes to the ability of any insulation material to withstand fire, two key factors are the material’s reaction to fire performance and its fire resistance. For safety reasons, it is crucial to understand the difference between them.


Larger buildings are frequently divided into so-called fire compartments, which are separated by fire-resistant walls and ceilings. In the event of a fire, these elements offer complete fire and smoke resistance based on the prescribed fire resistance.

Fire protection
Fire protection
Passive fire protection in hvac

In case of fire, the extraction of smoke and the limit of the spread of fire and smoke through the ventilation system is key.

Advantages of Mineral Wool

Energy efficacy
Sound insulation