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 Novi Marof Knauf Insulation Technical solutions

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions provides solutions for customers' requirements in industry, marine applications, domestic installations and air conditioning. Our products provide the best possible combination of energy-efficiency, fire protection and noise reduction.

With our production facilities in Novi Marof (Croatia), Nová Baňa (Slovakia), Skofja Loka (Slovenia), Visé (Belgium) and St. Helens (UK) we can guarantee reliable and customer-orientated supply.

Due to the stringent safety requirements, especially in the industrial area, we continually implement application-specific and national certifications and standards for our entire product range. You can find the corresponding certificates in the literature area.



Knauf Insulation GmbH
Heraklithstraße 8
84359 Simbach am Inn, Germany
Email: technical.solutions@knaufinsulation.com