Environmental Product Declarations

Knauf Insulation is at the cutting edge of assessing product performance

We’re committed to providing the market with the information it needs to be able to properly assess the environmental impact of our products/solutions. In assessing the sustainability of our products, we examine every stage of a product’s life-cycle in minute detail, from cradle to grave, through LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). This information is then processed and published as an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

We’re pioneering in product sustainability; this is shown by the fact that we have dramatically cut the time needed to create an EPD through an innovative data collection system and pre-verification of part of the process. Creating an EPD involves highly intensive and wide-ranging data collection, hundreds of calculations and rigorous verification.

Click here to find an overview of EPD for Knauf Insulation products.

If you cannot find the EPD you are looking for, please contact sustainability@knaufinsulation.com