HVAC products with ECOSE Technology

In line with its sustainability strategy Knauf Insulation introduces its new product range for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) insulation with its innovative binder, ECOSE® Technology  

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions provides the complete range of products for applications in the fields of heating and sanitary facilities, air-conditioning and ventilation as well as for the construction of sound muffling units. Starting 2016 Knauf Insulation products for HVAC applications in Europe will be made with the innovative binder, ECOSE Technology.

ECOSE Technology was first launched for Knauf Insulation’s range of Glass Mineral Wool solutions 6 years ago. Unlike traditional phenol-formaldehyde binder, ECOSE Technology is mainly derived from rapidly renewable materials, is without acrylic and contains no added formaldehyde.

“Knauf Insulation saw from previous experiences some great benefits to its customers from switching the binder to ECOSE Technology. We expect to see similar advantages for HVAC solutions, both in terms of product sustainability but also for the installer, and with no compromise on product quality in terms of thermal, mechanical, acoustic and fire performance”, explained Gwenaël Guillemot, General Manager Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions. 

From Glass Mineral Wool installer’s experience there were benefits from switching to ECOSE Technology, including being easier to cut than products with traditional binder. Regarding indoor air quality, already in 2010 Knauf Insulation was awarded the first ‘Indoor Air Comfort Gold Standard’ certificate from Eurofins Scientific as part of their standard testing and certification program. Eurofins Scientific certified most of Knauf Insulation’s Mineral Wool products according to the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Indoor Air Quality emissions regulations. Knauf Insulation is now having the same certification for its range of HVAC products with ECOSE Technology. 

“The sustainability of a building is also shaped by the products it’s made from. Eurofins is a clear recognition that our HVAC insulation products with ECOSE Technology is contributing to this sustainability.” said Gwenaël Guillemot.