The Knauf Group

Knauf is a family company of global dimensions.

Despite its size, Knauf is a typical family firm, synonymous with a type of company culture which has become rare today, which is precisely the reason for its amazing success. Short and direct decision-making paths, the courage to tackle new ideas, innovations, investments and the wealth of ideas contributed by all Knauf employees - these are the qualities that characterise the Knauf group of companies.

Knauf was founded in 1932 by brothers Dr. Alfons N. Knauf and Karl Knauf. Today their sons, managing partners Nikolaus and Baldwin Knauf steer the success of the company's numerous subsidiaries in close co-ordination with other family members.

From its beginnings in gypsum processing along the Saar and Main rivers, Knauf has developed into a group of companies that have become the European market leader in gypsum-based building materials, delivering products and services worldwide in the following fields:

  • Dry wall construction
  • Gypsum plasters
  • Thermal and sound insulation materials
  • Injection moulding / moulded parts

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