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Knauf Insulation Exper-teK

Calculation of heat losses and energy costs, calculations of CO2 savings and condensation – simply and intuitively according to VDI-certified calculation methods.

The intuitive and easy to understand user guidance enables you to easily calculate heat losses, energy costs , CO2 savings and condensation.
You obtain the information in just 5 steps and have reliable results due to VDI-certified calculation methods.

Download your Exper-teK manual here and take a look at the video with instructions. 

Exper-teK: Explanation step-by-step


Choose language and version: LIGHT or PRO

1. Details of the project

First enter the background information about the project. This is optional and is only used for the printout.

2. Equipment selection

Select the type of equipment for which Exper-teK is to carry out the thermal calculation.

3. Details of the equipment

As the next step, enter details about the equipment which is to be insulated, such as materials and dimensions, for the thermal calculation.

4. Calculation type

Select the type of calculation as well as the calculation standard and specify whether the thickness of the insulation layer is to be calculated, or if this is already known.

5. Environmental details and selection of insulation material

Define the parameters of the environmental and operational conditions which influence optimal insulation. Then select the type of insulation material to be used.

You have the option of giving further details of the substructure.