Our following Fire-teK® products and solutions are ideally designed to take care of passive fire protection.

Fire tek
Fire protection insulation

Passive structural fireproof protection is one of the most important factors in HVAC, shipbuilding and process industry. Highly efficient fireproof insulation together with appropriate fire containment is necessary in order to prevent the spread of flames, heat and smoke to other areas in case of fire. Our specially developed Mineral Wool insulation Fire-teK® products comply with fire resistance classes EI30, EI60, EI90 and  EI120 and in addition provide good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Fire-teK® DuctProtect 30-120 C System

For ventilation duct EI 30 (ve ho i ↔ o) s till EI 120 (ve ho i ↔ o) s tested in accordance with EN 1366-1.

Fire tek
DuctProtect 30 R System
Fire-teK® DuctProtect 30 R System

Insulation system for rectangular ventilation duct EI 30                    (ve ho i ↔ o) S tested in accordance with EN 1366-1.


Pipes always run through the walls and ceilings what can cause the spread of fire and heat from one room to another. Passive fire protection of pipes and walls is therefore necessary and only technically certified products and systems can be installed.


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