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The 2022 release of Exper-teK comes with NEW FEATURES!

By Knauf Insulation
October 27, 2022

Exper-teK, our prosperous user-friendly tool for thermal calculations, has been upgraded with very important new features, which make it even more useful and up to date:

  • CO2 savings calculations
  • condensation calculation

CO2 savings  NEW!

Based on the energy source you use for heating or in your industrial processes, various amounts of CO2 are emitted in the atmosphere. Insulation helps reduce these emissions. The 2022 release of Exper-teK calculates the amount of CO2 you don’t emit when you insulate with our products. Just select the relevant energy source, the emission factor in grams of CO2 per kWh, or in ton of CO2 per TJ, and leave the rest to the application.

Condensation calculation  NEW!

A condensation inside the insulation layers can considerably reduce the efficiency of the insulation, and cause damages to the system, such as corrosion. The 2022 release of Exper-teK calculates two condensation modes to avoid this risk. You need to enter the relative humidity and the temperature of the ambient environment, and the calculation report will tell you if there is an internal, surface, or no condensation.

As in the past, there are two versions of Exper-teK available; both of them are free of charge:

- the PRO version, which includes all the latest and up to date functions, requires user registration;

- the LIGHT version, with basic calculations, is available without registration.

ex pro-light

Exper-teK is the simplest tool for thermal calculations, with significant added value in calculations of CO2 savings and condensation. It’s the only tool that is adapting to many possible users, with standards EN ISO 12241 / BS 5422 and VDI and 20 available language versions.

The tool is supported by a user manual and an Exper-team video to show how to use it.

Have a look and check for yourself, how Exper-teK can contribute to your daily work and cost savings.

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