Meet John Hutchison, UK Sales manager for Technical Solutions. He has been a part of our Knauf Insulation team for an impressive 18 years now and with his ever-positive attitude towards everything coming his way, he has no trouble keeping his love for insulation business strong.

After leaving school, John worked for his father in his construction business, changed soon to distributors warehouse and finally landed as an Area Sales Manager at Knauf Insulation.

John loves sports, football as spectator and cricket as former active player. As his playing days are now over, he does try to replace it by golf and bike rides. He is a devoted family man, loyal colleague and an experienced professional anyone would treasure when having on the team.

How did your story at Knauf Insulation begin?

After leaving school I worked for my father in his construction business. Sadly after only three years we were hit by a recession and the company folded. I then worked in an Insulation Distributors warehouse, loading and unloading vehicles. Pilkingtons were our main supplier. Through various buy outs Pilkingtons eventually became Knauf Insulation.  I first worked at KI in February 2004, as an Area Sales Manager for Technical Insulation and Fire Protection. Due to changes in company strategy in 2006, I was responsible for selling building insulation materials up to January 2014 when I returned to my spiritual home of TS.

What do you love the most about the insulation?

Everyday is a school day, no two telephone calls or emails are ever the same. I get to visit a lot of building site before their completion and become iconic buildings. The Shard in London, Wembley Stadium, Heathrow Airport to name a few. It’s nice to revisit them when they are complete and occupied.

How do you see the future of insulation business?

Obviously, the world is in precarious position and as custodians we need to leave it in a good place for our children and our childrens children. We need to stop relying on fossil fuels so much so we need to conserve energy. Technical Insulation is the best way of doing this, saving energy at source. I can only see insulation becoming more important.

What is your favourite sport?

As a spectator it is a toss up between football and cricket. Football for the passion of following my boyhood team, Sunderland. I have now been supporting them for 50 years, without very much success and a lot of failure. Cricket for the serenity of a game that can last for 5 days, from 11am to 6pm and still possible for no winners or losers. My playing days are now over, however I do try and play golf as much as I can and to get out on my bike and take in the fresh air.

What did a Covid19 lockdown bring for you?

I focused more on what I had rather than what I wanted. I reconnected with old friends and we now keep in touch daily via various WhattsApp groups.

Who is your hero?

My hero has to be my best friend and wife Alison,  (they are the same person) - laughter - for sticking with me for the past 36 years. She is loving, patient, understanding, hardworking and a whole lot more. Closely followed by my daughter, Emily, who is turning into a wonderfully kind, thought and beautiful young woman.

What would you do if never started a career in insulation?

I would probably have continued in my fathers footsteps as a carpenter. But he was a hard act to follow.




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