Luca Cuca, Technical Advisor Technical Solutions and Systems, joined the team as a Specification Manager for Western Europe in 2020 after graduating from building construction in Milan and some experience in the USA.  Concerned about global warming, climate change and environmental pollution, Luca is most passionate about designing and developing new products, and sees insulation as one of the best possibilities to reduce the impact of the human race on the natural environment.

As a soccer enthusiast, he always has his eye on the ball. Like many Italians, he loves to cook and eat good food, and if he had not found his place in insulation, he would have probably opened a small restaurant.

How did your story at Knauf Insulation begin?

I previously worked with KI in 2014/2015 as Specification Manager West Europe. I then moved to USA until 2020, working for another company, and re-joined KI in Sept 2020

What do you love the most about the insulation?

I love that when properly used, insulation can reduce the Global Warming, the Climate Change and the environmental pollution.

How do you see the future of insulation business?

Insulation is becoming one of the most important topics about Global Warming reduction. Green solutions are helping to reduce pollution but, especially in the building sector, homes must be more performant and more energy saving. This is also the direction taken by most of the industrialized countries with economic sustains and stimulus to upgrade new and existing buildings.

What is your favourite sport?

I love soccer, I support AC Milan and all the Italian clubs playing abroad.

Who is your hero?

I don't have a particular hero; I like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for their visons, but not for their personal life, for which I don't have a personal opinion.

What would you do if you never started a career in insulation?

I would probably have opened a small restaurant somewhere.




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