Romain Carayol joined Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions division two years ago as a Specification manager for France and Belgium.  With studies in material engineering and mechanical and thermal properties at the Nancy School of Mines, he is a specialist in the performance of insulation materials with an eye for detail.

Romain loves that his job in insulation is helping to save the world by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. He believes that increased understanding of the need for efficient insulation across various industries will drive the development of more products with lower CO2 footprints.

Besides rugby, he loves skiing, hiking and climbing to stay connected to the mountains and nature.

How did your story at Knauf Insulation begin?

I heard from a friend in Knauf Insulation that the company was looking for a specification manager for technical solutions, with good technical background and knowledge in both the industry and the construction business. I applied and that's how it started for me. »laughter«

What do you love the most about the insulation?

I love that our jobs help save the world by reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It really makes sense.

How do you see the future of insulation business?

More building and industry owners will understand the need for efficient insulation, consequently we will develop and sell more products with a lower CO2 footprint. The design companies will ask for proper support in the design phase, calculation and BIM, and a guarantee that the products are well installed.

What is your favourite sport?

Rugby, for the commitment and teamwork it involves, and the fact that it's still protected from the excess of too big amounts of money – so far.
I also love skiing, hiking, climbing, so I can build my connection to mountains and nature.

What did a Covid19 lockdown bring for you?

I focused more on keeping an organized schedule. I spent less time for driving and more time for phone calls and Skype or Teams meetings.
I also discovered that some design engineers were more easily available for remote interactions than for live meetings.

Who is your hero?

Romain Gary, a Russian immigrant turned into a French writer, WW2 aviator and a diplomat.




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