Technical solutions
"Our products contribute to make the world a better place. A lot of energy can be saved and life enjoys a better comfort.“

Nenad S., Production Manager in Novi Marof

"The constantly high quality of our high-performing products is mandatory for our success."

Nenad Z., Quality Manager in Novi Marof


As the Knauf Group specialist for technical insulation we produce energetically and structurally optimised insulation material products and systems for industry, HVAC and shipbuilding.

Because of this, we can offer the right product for every application - with the best possible combination of energy efficiency, fire protection and noise reduction.

Our entire product portfolio is subject to ongoing certification, with regards to applications and country-specific regulations, as well as testing according to the insulation industry standards.

Specialised in technical insulation, our plant in Novi Marof with its perfectly functioning international infrastructure is the heart of our company.

With our plants throughout Europe we also ensure that we meet country-specific requirements and provide flexible logistic services.

Knauf insulation plants
Your benefits with us:
  1. A plant which specialises in technical insulation
  2. Reference projects throughout the world
  3. Fit-for-purpose products
  4. Specialist customer advisers throughout Europe
  5. Contact partner for dealers, insulators and planners
  6. Widespread distribution network
  7. Comprehensive logistic services
Technical solutions
1 specialized plant

A plant which specialises in technical insulation.

Knauf Group
52 sales areas world wide

Contact partner for dealers, insulators and planners.

Widespread distribution network

Why us?
30 years of experience

Reference projects throughout the world.

7 years ECOSE®

Reliable ECOSE® tehnology.