Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions BIM objects

Supporting planners and specifiers

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital, future-oriented process for planning, constructing and operating buildings and helps to increase productivity in the construction industry. It involves all stakeholders in a building process – from building owners, engineers and planners to building material producers, property operators and facility managers to demolition and disposal companies.

It is based on relevant information accessible during each step in a building’s life cycle, from design to demolition.

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions can now offer BIM objects for the Thermo-teK (HVAC insulation) and Fire-teK (fire protection for air ducts) product ranges.

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Download Knauf Insulation BIM Objects - full range here (.rvt)!

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Duct insulation (download here)

Pipe insulation (download here)

Do you need an innovative tool helping you to choose the most suitable product for your project?

Use our Dynamo files (download here)!

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BIM Objects are prepared and available for following segments and products.

Download all of them here.


Pipe Section
  • Thermo-teK PS PRO ALU
  • Thermo-teK PS ECO ALU
  • Thermo-teK PS ECO
Lamella Mat
  • Thermo-teK LM PRO ALU
  • Thermo-teK LM ECO ALU
  • Thermo-teK RL PRO ALU
  • Thermo-teK RL ECO ALU
  • Thermo-teK BD 050
  • Thermo-teK BD 050 VBS
  • Thermo-teK BD 050 WBS
  • Thermo-teK BD 060
  • Thermo-teK BD 060 ALU
  • Thermo-teK BD 060 VBS
  • Thermo-teK BD 070
  • Thermo-teK BD 080 ALU
  • Thermo-teK BD 080 VBS
  • Thermo-teK BD 080 VWS
  • Thermo-teK BD 080 WBS


  • Fire-teK BD 908 ALU
  • Fire-teK BD 912 ALU
Wired material
  • Fire-teK WM 908 GGA


  • Sound-teK BD 805 VBD
  • Sound-teK BD 806 WBD
  • Sound-teK BD 808 VBD