The 2020 release of Exper-teK is live!

By Aljaz
December 23, 2020

Knauf Insulation provided a perfect Christmas gift for the customers; the new, advanced release of Exper-teK is ready to use. This newest edition will make daily work even more simple and less time consuming.

It will allow users to save their projects and calculations, and to resume them later without having to type all information again. It also includes a project summary feature to sum up all energy saving calculations on a single page. In addition, for pipes, there is no need for single calculations for each diameter anymore: the user can ask for multiple diameter calculations at once..

There are two versions available on the same domain

  • the PRO version, where the user registration is needed, and where all the above mentioned functions are included
  • the LIGHT version, the same as the previous release, without registration

Exper-teK is the simplest tool for thermal calculations, highly appreciated by the specifiers.  It is also the only tool that is adjusted to several different users’ profiles, based on standards EN ISO 12241 / BS 5422 and VDI and available in 20 languages.

Check it out yourself, download the user manual and enjoy the work with the newest version of Exper-teK tool.