New Exper-teK Calculation Tool

By Aljaz
July 06, 2020

The new year 2019 starts off with a new version of our thermal calculation tool Exper-teK.

First, the most visible change: the tool got fresh, new design in line with Knauf Insulation corporate guidelines.

But that’s not all: alongside the visual optimization, some other major changes were made to our online, free-of-charge calculation tool to improve support for users and ensure quick and easy calculations of heat losses and energy costs.

1. New application: rectangular ducts

Heat losses and energy costs for vertical and horizontal ducts can now be calculated.  

2. Implementation of suggested materials

Depending on the type of equipment and the median temperature, the program now provides recommendations on the best material for the specific application; the material is pre-selected for the calculation, but can be changed by the user and differs from country to country (suggestions are based on input from our sales force and market requirements).  

3. The right match: materials and application

Now, only materials that can be used within a special application can be selected (previously users could select boards for pipe insulation and pipe sections for wall insulation).  

4. Calculations within pipe sections: adaptation to our product portfolio

From now on, only those calculations for the pipe sections we have in our product portfolio will be shown in the search results. In the previous version, users could still make calculations for diameters greater than DN 300; with the new version, an alternative material will be used in this case (Power-teK PB 640 ALU or Thermo-teK LM Eco / Pro ALU, depending on the median temperature and country). The same goes for the calculation of a second layer (the program checks the dimensions, and if the circumference of the first layer is too big, then an alternative material will also be used for the second layer).  

5. Additional values in the results print-out

Energy losses: values for operating hours and price of heat were added. Wind: “Inside” and “Outside the building” values were added.


So, enjoy the new program