Knauf Insulation Technical Solution’s BIM Factory for TS tool is a free and intuitive platform to plan and generate BIM objects for systems, according to your needs!

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New Exper-teK Calculation Tool
Thermal calculation in just 5 steps!

The intuitive and easy to understand user guidance of our free of charge online calculation program enables you to easily calculate heat losses, energy costs, CO2 savings and condensation.

You obtain the information in just 5 steps and have reliable results due to VDI-certified calculation methods.


Knauf Insulation Exper-team: a group of specialists for technical insulation from Knauf Insulation, who will help you in getting to know our energetically and structurally optimised insulation materials, systems, products, solutions and tools for every application in industry, HVAC and shipbuilding - with the best possible combination of energy efficiency, fire protection and noise reduction.

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Tipcheck audits

Thermal Insulation Performance Check (TIPCHECK) is a volunteer energy audit in industrial plants, which helps to unveil insulation potentials on applications in place.

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