Proud of our new product

By Aljaz
March 01, 2021

Power-teK CM 620 ALU

Newly developed product for the process industry segment, Power-teK CM 620 ALU, is a highly flexible yet firm mat based on a special fiber orientation. This mineral wool mat, produced with ECOSE® Technology, is on one side bonded to a tear-resistant, glass-mesh reinforced aluminium foil.

We designed the Power-teK CM 620 ALU mainly for use on tanks (very good solution for big tanks) and vessels, but it is also a very good solution for insulation of containers, heat storage tanks, industrial machinery &equipment, pipelines and district heating lines.

When installed on convex surfaces it offers very good compromise of being flexible for installation and a very good level of compression resistance of the final installation, thus providing good protection against outside impact. When used on pipes (> DN 300) it provides perfect nice round surface.

The product, supported with all necessary technical documentation, is available in thicknesses 50, 60, 80, 100 or 120 mm, length 2000 mm and width 600 mm. It will be delivered in flat form on large pallets.