Rock Mineral Wool - Fire-teK WM 908 GGB

Fire-teK WM 908 GGB


Fire-teK WM 908 GGB is a high-temperature resistant mineral wool wired mat covered with a black re-inforced aluminium facing that has been especially designed for fire protection in round ventilation ducts. Listed fire classes can be reached with mounting acc. to the installation manual.


The product is recommended for thermal, fire and sound insulation of the defined applications within technical insulation: Fire protection, Circular air ducts


  • Fire resistance class EI 60/EI 90
  • Quick and easy to use:
    •  No gluing at the joints necessary
    • No welding  pins required
  • Matching black and desent look
  • Compact 60, 80 or 100 mm
  • No doubling layers at duct joints
  • Suitable for moulded parts
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Eurofins Certification Indoor Air Comfort Standard
  • Strong outer packaging
  • Sustainable product labelling
  • Elastic, strong and flexible
  • Hydrophob
  • High temperature resistant
  • Non combustible
  • Age resistant
  • ECOSE® Technology


Reaction to fireA1
Declaration of performance
Thermal conductivity (50°C)0,040 W/(mK)
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