Rock Mineral Wool - Fire-teK BD 918

Fire-teK BD 918


Fire-teK BD 918 is a high-temperature resistant
mineral wool insulation board that has been
especially designed for the fire protective
wall / ceiling penetration of rectangular
ventilation ducts to get EI 30 (ve ho i<->o) S if
the mounting is acc. to the installation manual.

As a part of the Fire-teK DuctProtect 30 R System in the area of wall / ceiling penetration it ensures fire class EI 30 at 30 mm thickness.

Remark: VKF issued for Fire-teK BD 918 as a part of Fire-tek DuctProtect 30 R System.
wtih Fire-teK BD 907 ALB


Fire protection, rectangular air ducts, wall / ceiling penetration. The product is recommended for thermal, fire and sound insulation of the defined applications within technical insulation.


  • Fire-resistance class EI 30
  • Strong duct support at penetration
  • Easy to cut
  • ECOSE® Technology


Reaction to fireA1
Declaration of performance
Fire resistanceEI 30 at 30 mm thickness (as part of the Fire-teK Duct Protect 30 R System)
Thermal conductivity (50°C)0,041 W/(mK)
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