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Tomislav C., Logistics Novi Marof

  • The surface must be firm, accessible and at ground level. Delivery cannot be made via freshly tarred surfaces or newly laid slabs.
  • Our delivery trucks are not suitable for off-road use
  • Truck passage width: at least 3.50 m
  • Truck headroom: at least 4.20 m
  • A forklift or unloading facilities must be available at the place of receipt and unloading must be carried out within 2 hours. After this time, the customer will be charged a standstill fee of €50 for each hour or part of an hour. After 4 hours, the customer will be invoiced for all additional costs which have been incurred due to the waiting time.


1. Details of delivery location
  • Clearly state the delivery location: e.g. dealer’s
  • warehouse, user's warehouse or construction site
  • Name of construction project (BV)
  • Name of user/sub-contractor
  • Street, house number or intersection
  • Postcode, town and if necessary, district
  • Contact partner and telephone number
  • Is there a named "authorised person" for acceptance of the goods?
  • Delivery information to facilitate finding
  • of the delivery location (important in housing development areas)
  • Detail notification (1 day before delivery) or notification by driver (1-2 hours beforehand) required?
2. Unloading

The following points should be noted for the unloading of our products:

  • Access roads: Headroom and width
  • Can the truck turn around?
  • Delivery times
  • Condition of ground surface
  • Are access permits required and available?
  • Are there further restrictions for planned unloading?
3. Products and minimum order quantities

Please note the following points for your order:

  • State the product name (with item number) as stated in the price list/product catalogue/offer.
  • In principle, the minimum order quantity is a full truck load (see overview). Partial deliveries, which deviate from the minimum order quantity are possible upon request. However, delivery times may be longer for partial deliveries.
  • Various products may be combined on a single truck, providing that the products come from a single plant.
  • Please note that insulation materials are normally only available as full pallets. As an exception, PS 680, PS 450, PS Pro ALU and PS Eco/ Alu pipe sections can be picked to order, and ordered as packaging units (carton/unit).
  • Products currently available are listed on our price list. Other dimensions are available upon request. The minimum quantity for special products is 2.5 tonnes per product. As these are only produced to order, they must be accepted and cannot be returned.
4. Price details on order
  • In principle, prices must be stated as whole numbers and price units. If anything is unclear, please note this on the order.
  • In case of special agreements, please state the property name or the user name, otherwise a special price cannot be allocated to the order.
5. Order confirmation
  • You will receive a written confirmation from us as soon as possible for each order which is accepted, if all the necessary details (production, method of truck unloading, delivery address, etc.) are complete.
  • Please always check each order confirmation. We cannot accept belated complaints.

Delivery truck type

Products Full truck Truck type Production plant

Power-teK CM 620 ALU, Power-teK PB 640 ALU, Power-teK WM 640, 660 GGN, Thermo-teK LM Air ALU, Pro ALU, Thermo-teK PS Eco, Pro / ALU, Power-teK PS 680, Power-teK LM 550 ALU (30 - 80 mm)

22 PAL or 24 PAL

Mega-trailer/ Semi-trailer/


Novi Marof, Croatia
Power-teK RL 220 22 PAL or 24 PAL

Mega-trailer/ Semi-trailer/


Krupka,Republique, Tcheque

Power-teK LM 550 ALU (120 - 140 mm), Thermo-teK BD 060, 080 ALU, Fire-teK BD 908, 912/ ALU, Fire-teK WM 908 GGA, Power-teK BD 450, 640, 680 / ALU

26 PAL or 30 PAL Mega-trailer/ Semi-trailer/ Jumbo-trailer Novi Marof, Croatia
Thermo-teK BD 040, 050 ALU/VBS/WBS/WBD 13 PAL or 15 PAL

Mega-trailer/ Jumbo-trailer

Novi Marof, Croatia
Power-teK LW STD, Power-teK LW CRY, Power-teK LW 020, Sound-teK FM 140 ALU 22 PAL or 24 PAL Mega-trailer/ Jumbo-trailer Skofja Loka, Slovenia


Truck types

Jumbo Trailer

(7.3 x 2.48 x 2.95 and 8.2 x 2.48 x 3 m) Volumes: 110 m³


(13.6 x 2.45 x 3.05 m) Volumes: 100 m³


(13.6 x 2.45 x 2.65) Volumes: 80 m³