The new Knauf Insulation Thermo-teK PS Cld SYSTEM was developed for the insulation of cold pipes (means the service temperature is below ambient temperature) in building service systems. It is suited for use on drinking and cooling water lines, regardless whether made from stainless steel, steel, copper or plastic. The system is also suitable for systems with intermittent temperatures.

Being non-combustible, the Thermo-teK PS Cld SYSTEM is designed to reduce energy losses and protect the pipes from condensation and fire.
Knauf Insulation Thermo-teK PS Cld ALS pipe sections are the main components of the Thermo-teK PS Cld SYSTEM, produced with ECOSE® Technology.










  • Fire safe due to non-combustible Rock Mineral Wool A2L-s1, d0
  • Extra tough and water vapour tight aluminium facing with glass scrim reinforcing and therefore highly protective regarding possible damage
  • Specially designed closure tape for professional vapour tight sealing.
  • Application range from 0 °C to + 250 °C
  • Simple and fast processing for cold and warm applications
  • Time and cost savings
  • Tested system with all necessary system components
  • ECOSE® Technology



Thermo-teK ps cld SYSTEM PRODUCTS

Pipe Section Thermo-teK PS Cld

Thermo-teK PS Cld ALS is a circular-wound Rock Mineral Wool pipe section with premium thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, excellent fire resistance and minimum product tolerances of the inner and outer diameters thanks to the use of innovative production technologies.

The 1200 mm long pipe section is slit on one side for easier installation and laminated with extra strong fibre glass reinforced, tear-resistant aluminium foil, which acts as a water vapour barrier and provides extra mechanical protection. A self-adhesive seal along the longitudinal slit eases the mounting process before a final sealing must to be applied with our extra strong Thermo-teK Tape Cld.

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COl pipe section with printed ALU foil

Lamella Mat Thermo-teK LM Cld ALS

Thermo-teK LM Cld ALS is a high compression resistant Rock Mineral Wool lamella mat, consisting of individual mineral wool strips (lamellas) that are bonded on one side to an extra strong fibre glass reinforced, tear-resistant aluminium foil, which acts as a water vapour barrier and provides extra mechanical protection.
The Thermo-teK LM Cld ALS lamella mat is flexible and robust and is therefore very easy to use and can be perfectly adapted for installations such as valves, pumps, flanges and complex joints. Joints and seams must be securely closed with Thermo-teK Tape Cld.

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Thermo-teK LM Cld ALS

Pipe Support Thermo-teK PH/PH INS

Thermo-teK PH pipe support is a pipe bracket to avoid thermal bridges. It consist of the metal
hanger and of a robust, pressure resistant Rock Mineral Wool core serving as load transfer. The PH INS core is laminated with an extra strong, multi-layer, tear resistant fibre glass aluminium foil and a self adhesive overlapping seal to close the radial opening.

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Aluminium tape Thermo-teK Tape Cld

Thermo-teK Tape Cld is a highly tear-resistant, glass fiber mesh-reinforced aluminum adhesive tape that securely seals all joints and connections in the Thermo-teK PS Cld SYSTEM. It comes with a high performance pressure sensitive
adhesive which is designed for perfect sealing of the joints. Proper use of the Thermo-teK Tape Cld requires a press-on-process with a spatula tool after application.

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tape cld

Flexible tape Thermo-teK Seal Cld

The flexible sealant tape Thermo-teK Seal Cld is used at penetration points of the aluminium sheathing such as pipe suspensions, control- or measuring equipment. It is water-tight and meant to preserve the system's adhesive strength even at low temperatures.

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Spatula - tool

Spatula, indispensable tool needed for proper closing and sealing of joints and seams.

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